[110711] Minho’s UFO Reply

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[Fan]Today is not going to answer UFO,, ^ _ ㅠ,,?
[Minho]Long time no see ^ ^
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110702 Jonghyun UFO Replies

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Fan: Dear husband … missing you so much Bobo leader chu chu

Jonghyun: Bobo ㅋㅋ???

Fan: wants husband to try the garlic spaghetti that i cook! it’s delicious

Jonghyun: Husband erm hahaha

Credit: DC |  Chinese Trans : The Shining Club |  Eng Trans: Forever_SHINee
Posted by yip @ shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com

[110622] Jonghyun UFO Reply – with Translations

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Cr as tagged
Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Trans by jujugal
posted by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110525] Key UFO Message “3rd Anniversary!”

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3rd anniversary! Time go by so fast ~ ha ha! Because of you we are blessing to this day.
We’re just beginning ~ ^ ^ in the future we will create a better time! I love you

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[110512] Jonghyun UFO Reply~

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Fan: oppa …. i…from today onwards.. belongs to you ^^
Jonghyun: forget it.

Fan: Oppa …. aku…dari hari ini dan seterusnya.. adalah milikmu ^^
Jonghyun: lupakan saja.

Credit/source: baidushineebar
english translate: Forever_shinee
posted+indonesian translation by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110423] Onew’s UFO Replies

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[FAN] Do you know you are coming to Seoul Woman’s University? My school is so pretty this time with flowers blossomed!
[ONEW] The flowers fall off next week then (?).. ㅜㅜ

[FAN] Do you know ‘nu-rung-gi? (T/N: 누룽지=crispy rice crust in English)
[ONEW] Nu-rung ‘G’ (누룽’쥐’)
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[110420] Jonghyun’s UFO Replies – with TRANSLATIONS

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Well, Mr. Jonghyun was doing UFO replies at 5am Korean time. He doesn’t need to sleep, does he?

Fan: Oppa help me go to work. kekekekekekekekeke
Jonghyun: kekekekekekekekekekeke sorry.

Fan: Oppa I’m having a headache!
Jonghyun: Eat medicine.

Fan: Oppa my eyes hurts!
Jonghyun: ㅠㅠ It hurts? Close your eyes~

Fan: Oppa please send me a reply, even if it’s just a dot!
Jonghyun: .

Fan: Jonghyunnie Oopa please reply me too!
Jonghyun: ㅇㅇ

Fan: Come with me to Kanttappia Planet? (It’s a planet in the cartoon Dooly the Dinosaur)
Jonghyun: I don’t want.

Fan: Fine. Since I only received one reply from you, I’ll go dream of Kibum oppa.
Jonghyun: ;;; Tsk! The one who replied is me, yet the one whom you’re dreaming of is Kibum ;;;

Fan: Hyung~~ You slept?
Jonghyun: Hyung…? You..? You this.. guy? You.. bastard? Bastard? (Note: Bastard in diff way of typing.)

Fan: Slept?
Jonghyun: You called me hyung just now and now you’re using informal language to me? -Smacks-

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[110417] Jonghyun’s UFO Replies – Part4 (with TRANSLATIONS)

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Fan: You’re going to start activities soon, you’re going to be busy now.. Pinocchio daebak!
JongHyun: Run jingjingwingwing!!!! (Part of Pinocchio’s lyrics)

Fan: kau akan memulai kegiatan segera, kau akan sibuk sekarang .. Pinocchio daebak!
Jonghyun: Run jingjingwingwing!!!! (Bagian dari lirik Pinocchio)

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[110417] Jonghyun’s UFO Replies – Part3 (with TRANSLATIONS)

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Fan: How many must I send!!! How many must I send to get a reply from you?!!!
JongHyun: Ke

Fan: Oppa
JongHyun: Nappa (It means bad. I think he typed it because it rhymes. ㅡㅡ;;)

Fan: Oppa! I’m at the dental clinic now! I’m so scared!
JongHyun: I just plucked out 2 wisdom tooth a few days ago.
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[110417] Jonghyun’s UFO Replies – Part2 (with TRANSLATIONS)

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Fan: Oh god you’re alive again!!! Good!!! Please live long!
JongHyun: Aksemfdjqhwk answkakwcnarof!!! (If you type this using Korean keyboard it says: Try this! Let’s play word guessing game!)

Fan: Don’t want to finish sending this kind of text messages. I wan’t Jonghyun’s reply.
JongHyun: Huhu this?

Fan: Jonghyun ah~ I really like you really like you! How how? How can I love you this much?
Jonghyun: Eh?

Fan: Just say you hate me!
JongHyun: …..

Fan: Please go DC and click on my post. TT (DC is a Korean forum which many Korean SHINee World chats there.)
JongHyun: Is it fun? Actually I don’t play at DC anymore.

Fan: Wow really when DC is mentioned, you’ll reply eh!
JongHyun: kekeke Only when fun things is mentioned, I’ll reply with fun replies.

Fan: Don’t lurk around in DC!! Give some prove! (That he’s there.)
JongHyun: kekeke I don’t go to DC anymore. ke

Fan: Oppa what are you wearin now?
JongHyun: You pervert?

Fan: Oppa I went to see cherry blossom today! When your leg recovers, lets go see cheery blossom!
Jonghyun: It’s pretty~

Fan: Ah! kekekekekekekekekekekekeke Oppa let’s sleep together! kekekekeke!
JongHyun: ke Adult, do you know what you’re talking about?

Fan: If I send like this I will get replies right?
JongHyun: Yes, here it comes.

Fan: I’ll just continue living as a jobless person! TTTT Because I look like a bad person!
JongHyun: Don’t be like this.

Fan: I heard it’ll rain tomorrow! Please bring umbrella!
JongHyun: Yes I will bring!

Fan: What are you doing?
JongHyun: Just lying down.

Fan: Had a good day today?
JongHyun: Yes

Fan: JongHyun Hyung! Give me a reply! TTT Please I beg you! (Note: It’s a male fan.)
JongHyun: Are you a…?

Fan: Jonghyun the great! Please pity me and reply me a UFO!
JongHyun: Here you go.

Fan: Oppa I miss you so much! Really miss you! keke
JongHyun: Thankyou eh

Fan: Why do you keep using the computer? From tomorrow onwards I’ll be in hell!
JongHyun: ke

Fan: You’re trying to avoid me now right? TT
JongHyun: Huh huh? No?
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[110417] Jonghyun UFO REPLY

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Fan: Let’s meet now! immediately !
Jonghyun: It’s Late

Fan: can you teach me guitar *cough* I would like to learn too!
Jonghyun : *cough* what do you plan to give me?

Fan: Me.. Can’t watch music core , i need to go school and learn save me hehe~
Jonghyun : work hard.. there will be good result !

Fan : What are you doing ?
Jonghyun : Gyming
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[110411] Sungmin UFO – 2 Replies

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Fan: (I’m) having a nosebleed everyday because (I) miss gege*.
Sungmin: Nosebleed? ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Being alone and sick at the same time is really uncomfortable. Sungmin, please give me strength.
Sungmin: It will be good if my message can bring you strength when (you’re) alone, feeling sad and pain (because of the) illness.



[Indonesian Translation]

Fan: (aku) mimisan setiap hari karena (aku) merindukan gege*.
Sungmin: Mimisan? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Fan: Menjadi sendirian dan sakit pada saat yang bersamaan sungguh tidak nyaman. Sungmin, tolong beri aku kekuatan.
Sungmin: Ini akan lebih baik jika pesan saya bisa memberimu kekuatan ketika (kau) sendirian, merasa sedih dan sakit (karena) suatu penyakit.


*Gege = oppa.
Both replies are from and to the same fan.

Source: Lee Sungmin Baidu Bar
English translation by collarbones & ayumi @ perMINent.net
Posted+indonesian translation by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110408] Jonghyun’s UFO Birthday Message

8 April 2011 at 9:16 PM | Posted in News / Info, Photos, Shawol, SHINee | 2 Comments
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[종현] 안녕하세요 종현입니다!! 벌써 날씨가 포근해졌네요~~^^전 따뜻한 날씨 속에서 기타도 배우고 많은것들을 준비중입니다. ^^ 여러분 어찌 지내세요!ㅋ 보고 싶네요. 아 그리고 생일축하해 준거 너무 고마워요^^ 평범히 지나갈 날들이 당신 때문에 특별해졌어요 고마워^^ 어서 만납시다! 다시 웃는 얼굴로^^

[Jonghyun] Hello This is Jonghyun!! It’s mild weather already~~^^I’m practicing many things like playing guitar, etc in this warm weather^^ How have you been, guys?ㅋ I miss you. Ah, and thank you very much for the happy birthday messages^^You make my ordinary days so special. Thank you^^See you soon, with smiling face^^

[Jonghyun] Halo ini Jonghyun! Saat ini cuaca sudah mendingan~~^^ aku berlatih banyak hal seperti bermain gitar, dll di cuaca hangat ini^^ Bagaimana kabarmu, guys?ㅋ aku merindukanmu. Ah, dan terima kasih banyak untuk pesan selamat ulang tahunnya^^ Kalian membuat hari-hari biasaku begitu istimewa. Terima kasih^^ Sampai bertemu secepatnya, dengan wajah yang tersenyum^^


Source: SHINee/Jonghyun’s UFO
Translation by: i_lovetaemin @ twitter
posted+indonesian translation by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

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