[Translation] SHINee Interview on Asian Place July Issue

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Q: during live performances, r there moments when members can feel each other just by the look of the eyes?

Onew: Yes, we can feel each other just by looking at the eyes on stage, during practice we don’t talk, we communicate through looking at each other.

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[Translation] 110528 Taemin & Key Me2day Updates

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[태민] 드림콘서트하기다섯시간전입니당!!저희현수막봤는데너무많아서감동이었어요ㅠㅠ저희모두오늘많이응원해주세요~우리예쁜샤이니월드여러부운^∇^~!!!하트뿅♥
Translation [Taemin] It’s five hours before Dream Concert!!We saw our banners and there were so many we were touched ㅠㅠLet’s cheer for everyone today~ Our beautiful SHINee world everyone ^∇^~!!! Heart bbyeong♥
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[Translation/Me2day] 110517 Key and Minho Update

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[Translation/Me2day] 110516 Jonghyun Update

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[TRANSCRIPT] 110506 Ryeowook’s Chinese Diary on iLike Radio

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26th April ‘s Diary
I went to Danshui today because I wanted to go to the school in “Secret*1. Because of that, I have been planning it for a week. I left the dorm with Carol and my stylist at about 10am to take the subway from Zhongshan stop to Danshui stop. The journey took about 40 minutes. The weather was very cool and breezy today. If the weather was poor, I’d feel like crying. Therefore, I felt very lucky. When we arrived at the school, the students were having classes and we needed to keep our volume down. We took many pictures and they were beautiful. I felt like I’m the male lead in the movie “Secret”. It felt like I’m dreaming. Suddenly, many high school students started to appear because it was lunch break. Some of them recognised me. Although I felt that it was really interesting that some of them actually recognised me, I did not reveal what I feel because it is more mysterious that way. We ate hotpot in Danshui and it was delicious. After that, I bought two DVDs at the DVD store and we also ate shaved ice in Xi Men Ding. I feel that I will gain weight. When we went back to the dorm, our manager was there. In order to take care of us, he came from Korea to Taiwan to make us delicious food. He not only cooked us food, but he also treated us to massage, he is really amazing! I had a very eventful and interesting day today. –THE END-
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[TRANSLATION] 110506 Henry Twitter Update

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Indo trans

Begitu banyak buah2 an di Vietnam! wow sangat SEGAR! YES YES!^^ Terima kasih untuk semua yang datang untuk menyambut kami! Sampai besok! Kalian semua mengagumkan!

Source: @henrylau89
pict and Indo Trans by rierie_destiny@shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com

[TRANSLATION] 110506 Donghae Twitter Update

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Indo Trans

Vietnam tunggu aku !! Aku akan pergi kesana 
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[Translation] 110502 FULL Youngstreet Transcript

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Guests: Dalmatian (Jisu, Daniel), F.cuz (Jinon, Yejun) – Viewable

Opening: All Hail Hee Chul. Wah, it’s already May. In fact, today is already 2nd May. Today is Monday, is there any confusion, thinking that today is the 1st day of May? May is the Queen season, and there are many holidays going on in May. Su Jin is here too! 2nd May, Monday. Music Start!

Hee: Today’s weather is just like May but there will still be sand storm. Please be careful. I am the DJ who will be worrying about you. Today’s short message topic is Plans made in May. A hard to get guest came today. She is very busy. I hugged on to her thigh, pleading for her to come to the show and she agreed.

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[Translation] 110401 Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry

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Title: Pray for Michael…

2011.4.1 AM 3:13

Hi. This is Super Junior Donghae. I’m doing well in Taiwan. Doing hard with my members on the album, Extravagant Challenge with Siwon…for the drama I’m working hard. Continue Reading [Translation] 110401 Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry…

[Translation] 100112 Key Me2day Update

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[Key] 추운날 콘서트 영상 촬영때 ㅋㅋㅋ

[Key] On a cold day when we were filming a video for the concert kekeke

cr: SHINee’s Me2day

English Translation Credits: kimchi hana @ shineee.net | via the Shining SHINee World – SG

posted by yip @ shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com

101114 & 101115 Update Cyworld Sungmin

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101114 Diary Entry

2010.11.14 Sun 17:01

ah ah~lelah lelah…segera setelah selesai syuting(,) Aku buru2 ke konser Nanjing(…) Aku (akhirnya) kembali~^^

euah..kekuatan ayah dan ibu yang luar biasa dan para senior yang (juga) luar biasa telah mengakhiri syuting pertama. Aku menerima banyak perhatian dari pada sunbae dan bagian yang awalnya aku lakukan kurang begitu baik, akhirnya dapat ku selesaikan dengan baik…Para staff juga sangat lelah karena kami syuting semalaman, dengan perhatian yang seperti itu, aku harus tampil dengan baik. Terima kasih untuk para staff dan sunbae..ㅠㅠ Meskipun ada sedikit kekurangan perlahan2 aku akan tampil dengan baik~~ㅠㅠ

source: 이성민 미니홈피
chinese: @ Sungmin baidu bar
english: ★//囧酥餅 @ sj-world.net
thanks to dDonika for the heads-up! :D
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[Translation] SHINee on Melon Special Interview

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SHINee: Hello, we are shining SHINee!
Onew: Yes, everyone, you’ve been happy and well, right? SHINee has been working hard these days with “Hello” activities. Would you happen to know the reason why we have suddenly gathered like this?
Key: We are going to pick a few questions that you have asked us through Melon and answer them. Please give us the questions.

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[Translation] 101019 Onew Me2day Update

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어젠여러분생각에노래한곡ᆢ해봤어요.이적선배님’다행이다’ᆢ갑작스런라디오라이브였는데“SHINee”때문에많은땀흘리시고정말좋아해주시는당신들 덕분에노래할수있단사실이넘즐겁고행복해요ᆢ항상뒷바라지감사드리고제노래듣고즐거워해주심좋겠어요^^항상행복하게^^제맘대변해준노래가있어감사하고 사랑합니다ᆢ

[Eng Translation] Yesterday, with all of you in mind.. I tried singing a song. Lee Juk sunbaenim’s ‘Luckily’.. It was a sudden radio live but the truth that I am able to sing thanks to all of you who sweat so much because of “SHINee” and who really like us is so joyful and happy.. I’m grateful that you always take care of us and I hope that you can listen to my singing and be joyful ^^ Always happily ^^ I’m thankful that there is a song that speaks for my heart and I love you..

[Ind Translation] Kemarin, dengan kalian semua dalam pikiran..  Aku mencoba menyanyikan sebuah lagu. ‘Luckily’ nya senior Lee Juk.. itu adalah siaran radio langsung tapi kebenaran bahwa saya mampu bernyanyi sangat berterima kasih kepada semua yang begitu banyak keringat karena “SHINee” dan yang benar-benar menyukai kita begitu gembira dan bahagia.. Saya bersyukur bahwa Anda selalu merawat kami dan saya berharap bahwa Anda dapat mendengarkan saya bernyanyi dan menjadi  menyenangkan ^^ Selalu bahagia ^^ Saya bersyukur bahwa ada sebuah lagu yang berbicara untuk hatiku dan aku mencintaimu ..

Credits: Onew’s Me2day
English Translation Credits: live laugh love @ soompi

Ind Translation: 시원♥yip♥미르 @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

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