[110218] Who are Kim Tae Hee’s dream instructors? (SHINee mentioned)

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In the episode scheduled for broadcast on February 17th, ‘Princess Seol’ of MBC’s “My Princess” will be revealing her list of ideal men she would like as her instructors for her ‘princess project’.
‘Seol’ is forced to take part in a new set of princess lessons, and in an attempt to make it more bearable, comes up with her own ideas by requesting Apple CEO Steve Jobs as her economics instructor, Joe Odagiri for her Japanese instructor, and John Park for her English instructor.

Some of her other suggestions include Rain as her choreographer, B2ST as her vocal trainer, SHINee as her art instructors, and Kim Nam Gil as her horseback riding instructor.

After completing her wish list, she hands it over to ‘Deputy Director Kim’ and exclaims, “You can get them all in by this week right? Please show me your power, Deputy Director!”

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[News] Cold Wind & Rain On Super Junior’s Guangzhou Show, Fans Had A Heartache Because Kyuhyun Went Barefooted In The Cold

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Popular Korean group Super Junior (SJ) accompanied fans for Christmas on the night of the 25th with their Guangzhou show, but the weather was cold and it also rained, which made the stage extremely wet and slippery, Kyuhyun who had slipped simply endured the cold and took off his shoes to perform barefoot.

SJ’s Guangzhou stop for their Asian tour was held on Christmas night, but unfortunately the weather was bad; the low temperature and intermittent rain made the venue even colder. But the fans were still enthusiastic, with umbrellas and raincoats, they held up pearl sapphire blue light sticks that represents SJ to cheer them on.

Due to the rapidly-falling temperature, when SJ appeared on stage they were shaking from the cold because they were wearing light and thin clothes. When Sungmin, who was wearing short sleeves, played the guitar his fingers were nearly frozen stiff and almost could not continue playing. Due to the rain, the stage became wet and slippery, as a result, Siwon, Leeteuk and Kyuhyun all slipped one after another, and Kyuhyun simply took off his shoes to perform. When the fans saw their idols enduring the cold to perform, they all expressed their heartache and hoped they would not get sick.

Since they had come to China, devout Christian Siwon also did not forget to show off his Mandarin by saying: “today Jesus was born, God bless you all!” After that SJ coincided with the festival sprit and wore Christmas clothing to sing “Jingle Bells” as well as singing an early happy birthday song to Sungmin, which made the atmosphere at the venue extremely high.

Note~ Only the parts related to SJ have been translated.

Source: HK Apple daily | 13flowerboys
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
Edited by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

[Reup] : SeptiDNA~~@shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com


MTV Asia 2010 Top 10 Idola Korea

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Gelombang Korea mengambil alih pasar Asia Tenggara secepat badai. Berikut daftar 10 musisi top Korea tahun ini:

1. Super Junior – Bonamana

2. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Run Devil Run

3. Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

4. 2PM – Without You

5. SHINee – Lucifer

6. 2NE1 – Go away

7. FT Island – Love Love Love

8. Rain – Love Song

9. SS501 – Love Ya

10. After School – Because of You

Source: MTV Asia Official Website

via sup3rjunior.wordpress.com

Translated & reposted by: lia602 @SEI (shawolelfindo.wordpress.com)

[Info] Peringkat total point penyanyi² Idola di Music Bank dari tahun 2008-2010

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Chart ini dipublish oleh silis, source Sone internasional yang cukup terpercaya di SNSD Soompi.

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Daftar Bayaran para Penyanyi

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Daftar peringkat baru-baru ini dirilis oleh Star Marketing, mereka telah menunjukkan ‘upah untuk bulan agustus 2010′ untuk idola Korea. Dan di antara banyak kelompok , Rain, Bigbang, TVXQ, Wonder Girls dan Boa berada di daftar teratas sebagai artis yang dibayar lebih dari 60 juta won untuk perform dan penampilan mereka,, Ini merupakan survei yang dilakukan oleh kelompok Marketing, sehingga mencakup segalanya,,

Berdasarkan pada bulan Agustus 2010

Penyanyi yang dibayar atas 60 juta won (Rp. 460 juta lebih)

  • Lee Hyori
  • Rain
  • Wonder Girls
  • Big Bang
  • Dong Bang Shi Gi
  • BoA
  • Park Jinyoung
  • SS501
Credits: tsm Star Marketing Center + Naver
+ SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
Taken from: SS5010DE via ohgelie@bigbangupdates


Daftar pendapatan artis lainnya,

source: tsm21+cood0014
trans by: qoxie
shared by: sharingyoochun.net | asianfansclub]

pendapatan Super Junior lebih besar daripada SHINee tapi di pendapatan per member Super Junior kalah jauh hampir 2 kali lipatnya dibanding SHINee ckck udah banting tulang sana-sini tapi pendapaatan per member cuman segitu, ya masalah jumlah member juga sangat mempengaruhi ya haha ^.^v

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