110726 Yesung Cyworld Update

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김종운 2011.07.26 13:09

5집 …
5th album …

Source: 김종운 미니홈피
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

New skin, tabs, flash, ornament, avatar

Credit: @YesungCenter
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
shared by pinky_girl@shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com

110701 Leeteuk’s Cyworld Updates: CY Title, Themes and BGM

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CY Title update: ..Thank U…

BGM Update

Screencap by lovingteukmuch @ WingsforLeeteuk

Posted by yip @ shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com

110503 Yesung’s Cyworld Updates

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a new background Continue Reading 110503 Yesung’s Cyworld Updates…

[Translation] 110401 Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry

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Title: Pray for Michael…

2011.4.1 AM 3:13

Hi. This is Super Junior Donghae. I’m doing well in Taiwan. Doing hard with my members on the album, Extravagant Challenge with Siwon…for the drama I’m working hard. Continue Reading [Translation] 110401 Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry…

110313 Leeteuk Cyworld Update

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..Everyone who is in Japan..my heart aches and feels sad..I will pray..

[Indo trans] Semua orang yang ada di jepang..Hatiku terluka dan merasa sedih..Aku akan berdoa..

Source: 박정수 미니홈피
Translated by @pastakyu at SJ-WORLD.NET

Yesung Cyworld Update (New skin & tabs) – From 110306

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Credit: Yesung’s Cyworld
Shared by: hyukjade (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Posted and reuploaded by : chu @SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

110224 Leeteuk Cyworld Skin and BGM updates

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Credit: 박정수 미니홈피
Shared by: Watermellow @ sj world.net
and hyukjade (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Reuploaded & Posted by: chu (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110122] Kyuhyun with Jung Youngah at ‘the Three Musketeers Backstage’ – Photo

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Credit: 정영아’s cyworld
Shared by: A880203@sj-world.net
Posted by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110127] Cyworld Update – Kyuhyun 1 Photo Entry

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Since Kyuhyun was bored after the SMTown Live In Tokyo concert
after accessing since a long time his minihompy from the hotel and after checking
that there hadn’t been an update for such an extended period of time he can’t repress his astonishment
so he quickly throws in a seaside cut
taken in Thailand on July 29 2009 at 12 49 PM
The end

Original Source. 조규현 싸이월드
Translated by. @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET
posted by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

[110107] Sungmin’s Cyworld Update

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I’m leaving this message because I think they went too far..

Can they not remember in the old days when we comforted each other and promised to work hard..

We who were initially just happy to practice..

Did they lose us who dreamed of being on television once…

I hope they look in the mirror and think again whether they lost their original aspiration~

I understood them when they hurt us by leaving without a word to find their own path and I forgave them because of my affection for all the times we had together..

I don’t know why they are making those who’s silently working hard look like fools by saying all those astonishing lies and hurtful words.

Picture source: Newsen

Translated: minnie@sujuism.blogspot.com

Posted by: lia602 @ SEI (shawolelfindo.wordpress.com)

Ryeowook’s FanCafe Message – From 101229

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As we wrap up 2010..
2010.12.29. 02:55

Ryeowook’s 24th year was really great~

I didn’t try hard to become more mature.. or to look younger.. and that’s okay

I just wanted to shine as Ryeowook.. I wanted to show my true age… was that too big of a hope?

It seems like I did everything I wanted to~ I’m proud of what I achieved this year.

I wonder what kind of year 2011 will be… I’m excited.. ^^

A lot of people have helped me along the way.. I promise to treat the people around me better in the future~~

To my grandmother who overcomes illness every day, I’m so sorry that I can’t do anything.

And I’m also sorry that I haven’t been able to go see my parents very much~

The things I want to do… and the things I have to do… take up so much of the time I want to spend with my family

It’s so unfortunate… but in 2011 I will work hard to become a better person, and to be a son that treats his parents well

I will do my best~~

Everyone, enjoy the end of 2010~~ It’s become so cold these days… Don’t catch a cold~~

Let’s love even more in 2011^^ I love you ♥

[ Indo Trans ]

Ketika selesai 2010 ..
2010/12/29. 02:55

Ryeowook 24 tahun itu benar-benar hebat ~

Aku tidak berusaha keras untuk menjadi lebih dewasa .. atau untuk terlihat lebih muda .. dan itu tidak apa-apa

Aku hanya ingin bersinar sebagai Ryeowook .. Ingin menunjukkan usia yang sebenarnya… sepertinya terlalu besar harapanku?

Sepertinya Aku melakukan segala sesuatu yang aku inginkan ~ Aku bangga dengan apa yang aku capai tahun ini.

Aku harap di tahun 2011 aku tetap seperti itu… aku senang .. ^ ^

Banyak orang telah membantuku di sepanjang  tahun ini .. Aku berjanji untuk memperlakukan orang di sekitarku lebih baik dimasa depan ~ ~

Untuk nenekku yang sedang sakit setiap harinya, aku sangat menyesal bahwa saya aku bisa berbuat apa-apa.

Dan aku juga minta maaf bahwa aku belum bisa pergi menjenguk orang tua ku ~

Hal-hal yang ingin aku lakukan … dan hal-hal yang harus aku lakukan … aku ingin menghabiskan waktuku dengan keluarga ku

Ini sangat disayangkan … tapi tahun 2011 aku akan bekerja keras untuk menjadi orang yang lebih baik, dan menjadi anak yang memperlakukan orang tuanya dengan baik

Aku akan melakukan yang terbaik ~ ~

Semua orang, menikmati akhir 2010 ~ ~ Ini begitu sangat dingin disini … Jangan masuk angin ~ ~

Mari lebihkan cinta kita di tahun 2011 ^ ^ aku mencintaimu♥

Credit : Ryeowook.com

Posted By : chu @SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

101227 Sungmin’s Cyworld Entry

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[Eng Trans]

There’s one good news~^^
that looks like it should be told to the fans
have to convey my gratitude to them

Continue Reading 101227 Sungmin’s Cyworld Entry…

[101219] Sungmin’s Cyworld – 1 Photo Entry

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Looking at the subject…
Angel or devil?
Of course I see ten million angels!ㅋㅋ

2010.12.19 20:33



Source: 이성민 미니홈피
Translated By: thundersquall @ sj-world.net
posted by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)

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