Annyeong guys….Let’s exchange our banner, put my banner on your site and fill the form below :

– Name of Site :

– Artist Support :

– Link Homepage :

– URL Banner :

Let’s be a good partner….;)


Our Banner ( Copy Paste the Code below )

Banner 1

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ /></a>

Banner 2

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ /></a>

SHINee – Super Junior

We Are Shining


Miss FanFiction Kodak Loverz Indo Kodak Loverz Indo Image and video hosting by TinyPic Asian Music Genres Asian Music Genres Korean Fanfiction Indo 501Island


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  1. Hi there!
    Lets Affiliate 🙂
    Name: iheart5UPERJUNIOR
    Logo URL:×355-1.gif?t=1286516992

    Added you already 🙂

  2. url web :
    url image :

    your banner already in my WEBSITE’s AFFILIATES


    kami masih membuka pendaftaran penulis…
    silahkan kalo berminat…

  3. hello..thanx before..we have add your banner in our site..;)

  4. name: Gallery Boyband Korea

    tolong di add ya , aku udah nge add banner kamu di blogku 🙂
    makasih ..

    • uda kita pasang jg banner km dsini…..;)

  5. makasih chingu 🙂
    banner chingu jg uda saya link
    boleh dicek ^^

  6. Nama blog/forum: FFunfiction
    url banner:
    link blog:

  7. masih boleh ikutan ga ??
    banner na udh aku pasang di blog aku

    Name of Site : My New World
    Artist Support : SHINee
    Link Homepage :
    URL Banner :

  8. Banner-nya uda dipasang di blog aku, tukeran ya..
    Name blog : Korean Fanfiction Indo
    Link blog :
    URL banner :

  9. – Name of Site : 501Island

    – Description : Support SS501 and KPOP artist

    – Homepage :

    – URL Banner :

    i’d added u^^ pls exchange

  10. Nama: All Korean Fanfiction
    Url banner:
    Url blog:

    Url chingu udah ak pasang di wpku, aku gak masang banner soalnya banyak yg g punya banner..hehe

  11. tukeran banner yaa
    – Name of Site : andinarima Blog
    – Artist Support : All Kpop artist
    – Link Homepage :
    – URL Banner :

  12. my two favorite bands is

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