The TRAX’s Jungmo and Super Junior’s Heechul proposal to create M&D approved in a month

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SM Entertainment’s latest special project group, M&D, recently had an interview with 10Asia and revealed that their request to create the group was approved within a month.

Super Junior Heechul revealed that he approached The TRAX’s Jungmo about creating a team and wrote up a proposal afterwards to submit. He continues, “And when I submitted it to our CEO and Mr. Lee Soo-man, they told us, ‘Okay, go ahead and try out everything that you want to.’”

The duo revealed that they’re music video “Close Ur Mouth” was shot in under 10 minutes featuring some of their closest celebrity friends at a karaoke bar. The music video featured miss A’s Jia, Supreme Team’s Simon D, FT Island’s Lee Hongki and Jonghoon, and BEAST’s Junhyung.

The lyrics, which were written by Heechul himself, were also written in ten minutes. Kim Heechul explained, “We do it because it’s fun. That’s how I want to live my life. A lot of people took part in creating M&D’s music so I came to form new dreams regarding music. And there are things I have come to want to do regarding music. It makes me very happy.”

“I think about a lot of things such as the season or trend when making songs as a member of TRAX but I really just do whatever I want to as M&D. Should I say that I practically pour in my all to what I want to do?” said Jungmo.

Jungmo continues, “Singers are supposed to have a hard time if they release an album and they’re 400th on the chart but that’s not the case at all for us.”

Heechul adds, “The songs from ‘Infinite Challenge’ may go up a single step, from No. 2 to 1, but ours go up 100 slots at a time!”

This was only a preview of 10Asia’s interview with M&D, however through this small preview, it was revealed that M&D had come about just to create music for fun.

What did you think of M&D’s debut song “Close Ur Mouth”?

Source: 10Asia, koreaboo
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