Sungmin’s musical ‘Jack The Ripper”s pictorial-shooting filled with dripping of emotional tears

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Recently, the six protagonist actors of musical “Jack The Ripper” gathered together to shoot a pictorial. Along with Musical Style Magazine, Eom gi-joon, Lee Ji-hoon, Super Junior Sungmin, Shin Seong-woo, Min Young-ki, Kim Beom-rae were able to meet the tight schedule and finished the shoot.

In this shooting, the artists starred as their own characters on “Jack The Ripper”. Especially Super Junior Sungmin who, despite joining the shooting immediately after the end of SMTown’s Paris concert, hid his feelings of fatigue and finished the shooting with professionalism. Not only that, even though the photographer did not specifically request for it, he acted out the emotional crying scene (from the musical), and it was said that he had received a round of applause from the staff.

Meanwhile, the musical “Jack The Ripper”, which has London’s nightlife as the setting and a storyline about a series of murders of women, will be performed at the Chungmo Art Hall Grand Theatre until 14th August.

Indo Trans

Baru-baru ini, enam aktor protagonis  dari musik “​​Jack The Ripper” berkumpul untuk pengambilan gambar. Seiring dengan Majalah Musik Gaya , Eom gi-Joon, Lee Ji-hoon, Super Junior Sungmin, Shin Seong-woo, Young Min-ki, Kim Beom-rae mampu memenuhi jadwal yang ketat dan menyelesaikan syuting.

Dalam syuting kali  ini, para artis membintangi sebagai karakter diri mereka sendiri pada “Jack The Ripper”. Terutama Super Junior Sungmin yang, bergabung setelah  konser Paris SMTown berakhir, menyembunyikan perasaan lelahnya dan menyelesaikan syuting dengan profesionalisme. Tidak hanya itu, meskipun fotografer tidak secara khusus meminta untuk itu, ia berakting dengan baik dalam adegan emosional menangis (dari musik), dan  dia menerima tepuk tangan dari staf.

Sementara itu, musik “​​Jack The Ripper”, yang memiliki kehidupan malam di London sebagai pengaturan dan alur cerita tentang serangkaian pembunuhan perempuan, akan dilakukan di Chungmo Art Hall Grand Theatre sampai 14 Agustus mendatang.

Translated by: 이데위 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Edited by: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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