[110711] Minho’s UFO Reply

13 July 2011 at 9:45 AM | Posted in Shawol, SHINee | Leave a comment
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[Fan]Today is not going to answer UFO,, ^ _ ㅠ,,?
[Minho]Long time no see ^ ^

[Fan] Minho ya Where can I see you now T.T
[Minho] Well, where to see it?

[Fan] Music Core’s eternal and cool MC
[Minho] it was because your cheer, thank you ^ ^

[Fan] fried chicken from east incheon is the best!!!
[Minho] east incheon’s fried chicken …. it seems like what my mom bought to me! i like it ^ ^

[Fan] a birthday when a test report was really hard … minho did’t reply me back so im not going to recieve a happy birthday .
[Minho] happy birtday to you! dont be so depressed. look at your goal ~ ~ you can do it!

[Fan] Inkigayo stage sound so good and i went to Jeju Island so i didn’t watch it live, sorry
[Minho] It’s okay .. do you have a good time?

[Fan] In addition jonghyun seems more friendly on UFO when i talked to him
[Minho] No! now i will be more friendly than jonghyun hyung3

Source: ufotown
Translate by : shinta @ weareshining
sorry if have any mistakes in this translate ^^;;
Reposted by: cicillia @ SEI (shawolelfindo.wordpress.com)


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