[NEWS] – SHINee’s Key is mistaken for Infinite Woohyun’s girlfriend?

22 June 2011 at 7:07 PM | Posted in Rumours, SHINee, Video | 3 Comments
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SHINee’s Key, known for being friends with many idols born in the same year as him 1991, has acquired another singer for his ’91-line. While on Sukira radio, Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed how he mistook Key and Infinite’s Woohyun close friendship to be something more by thinking Key was Woohyun’s girlfriend.

Leeteuk began, “ Do you remember me giving Woohyun & Sunggyu’s numbers of Infinite to you? On Monday, I saw you texting Woohyun.”

Key laughed and explained, “Ah I see. For Sunggyu, it was his birthday recently and I just text him once in a while.” He then continued, “Yes, but with Woohyun, I feel like I found another me when I contacted him. This is a really good fate!”

“I thought he was texting his girlfriend,” Leeteuk commented, causing Key to burst into laughter. “He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and kept texting instead, so I told him, ‘Woohyun, can you text your girlfriend after you’re done brushing your teeth?’ Then he said to me, ‘Hyung, it’s Key.’”

Key was quick to clarify, “It’s always like that. His members and our members always ask us what we are, but it’s so fun talking with him.”

Leeteuk ended by joking, “We hope that you officially announce the relationship between you two on Sukira.”

What do you think of Key and Woohyun’s friendship?

Author : “Sorry Guys, i cant give the Indo.trans .. want to go now.. Bye bye :)”.

Source: InfiniteSingapore and thunggyu

Resource : Lucy @koreaboo

Posted : Bibihgyu07 @SEI



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  1. duss

  2. Their friendship is adorable. They seem like the type who constantly keeps up with each other and when they finally see each other again, they pick up right where they left off. WooKey, fighting!

  3. Woohyun is the most outgoing one in Infinite, I am not even surprised Key likes him so much. Woohyun and Sunggyu, in my opinion, are the highlights of the whole group. Woohyun is more than a pretty face, he is sassy and can find humor in any situation. While filming a mv, he hurt himself and was still laughing about about it. Key is also sassy and funny, so that’s normal that they are teaming up and a good team. Sunggyu is actually my favorite one in Infinite because even though he is reserved and shy, he goes out of his comfort zone to promote Infinite :). In Shinee, Key and Onew are my favorites :). Please, stop harassing Key with dating rumors, at first this may be fun, but it turns overwhelming when people are too insistent about them, he doesn’t like them (cf: Radio Star) and his parents must feel the same way l_l

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