[110618] Jonghyun’s UFO Reply

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[Fans] I sent it to you through telepathy did you receive it? keke What are you going to send me?? kekeke
[Jonghyun] Give me rice, owner

[Fans] Jonghyun ah ㅜㅜ when are you coming back to Korea’0′?? So that’s how overseas fans feel ㅜㅜ
[Jonghyun] In July ㅠ


[Fans] When are you coming back to Korea?? I miss you ;ㅂ; I feel like I’m an overseas fan ’0′!
[Jonghyun] kekekeke in July ^^


[Fans] When in July am I going to wait till? ㅜㅜ World star Jonghyun!! hihi
[Jonghyun] kekekekeke wait


[Fans] I fell when I was climbing the stairs and it was very painful but when I thought of Jonghyun it wasn’t painful anymore! hihi Healing cream Jonghyun!
[Jonghyun] ho That is a little…



Source: ufotown

Credit: weareshining

Translate kor-eng : rong @ weareshining

Reposted by: cicillia @ SEI (shawolelfindo.wordpress.com)


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