[PHOTO] SUPER JUNIOR & SHINee – SMTOWN LIVE in Paris: Day 2 Coverage

12 June 2011 at 1:23 PM | Posted in Photos, SHINee, Super Junior | 1 Comment

After end the 2nd day of SMTOWN LIVE in Paris, the SMTown staff were updated the performances.. U can see this picture below .. 🙂

[2nd day REAL TIME] Next stage! SHINee! ‘Stand by Me’~! JONGHYUN!   

[2nd day REAL TIME] Next stage! SHINee! ‘Stand by Me’~! KEY!

[2nd day REAL TIME] Next stage! SHINee! ‘Get Down+줄리엣(Juliette)’~! MINHO!

[2nd day REAL TIME] Next stage! Dance Performance by HEECHUL! He is performing as LADY希希! 우주대스타 (The big star in univers!)!

Dance Performance by LEETEUK & EUNHYUK & SHINDONG!!! ‘Single Ladies’!

Way Back Into Love! KYUHYUN!

Hiphop hero~!!! ‘A-Yo!’ Let’s go guys~!!!

Hiphop hero~!!! ‘A-Yo!’ Let’s go guys~!!! Crowd going nuts!!!

SUPER GIRL’ by SUPERJUNIOR! First stage for the Asian super star, tonight~!!! Fans standing up and going nuts, once more~! Each members are introducing themselves in French~ Bonjour~! 사랑해요~! Comunicating with fans in French! Wow! LEETEUK just took a picture with one of fan’s camera~!! Lucky fan~!

‘너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)’ by SUPERJUNIOR! Perfect vocal! Marvelous dancing! Wonderful gesture for fans!

Sorry, Sorry’ + ‘돈 돈!(Don’t Don)’ by SUPERJUNIOR! Performance full of energy! All fans are singing the song together! It’s in Korean, but it’s possible for the fans who loves SUPERJUNIOR! Thank you fans!!! HEECHUL shouting!!! Members are flying around the concert hall by setting wires on their clothes! Popular performance!

HELLO’ + ‘Ready or Not’ + 아.미.고 (Amigo) by SHINee! You can feel the various sides of SHINee! Another wire performance!

SHINee, ONEW! Singing just like an opera singer~! Very impressive!!!

Source : SMTOWN’s Facebook

Reupload & Posted by bibihgyu07 @SEI


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  1. could you tell me what song did onew sing that night?
    thanks for this post. love it so much.

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