NEWS – Possibilities of SHINee’s Minho joining the cast of “High Kick 3” dim

3 June 2011 at 2:55 PM | Posted in News / Info | Leave a comment

The possibilities of SHINee’s Minho appearance on the upcoming sitcom “High Kick 3” will be difficult due to SHINee’s current promotions of their Japanese debut single, “Replay.”

A proposal for Minho to appear in the upcoming sitcom was brought up during initial talks, according to an official. However, a specific meeting for his appearance was never set.

SHINee recently released their debut music video “Replay” with the single set to be released on June 22nd, and will soon begin their full-fledged activities. On June 19th, SHINee will head to England to perform at the Abbey Road Studios in London in celebration of their debut. They will be the first Asian singers to perform at the Abbey Road Studios.

The group will then proceed to begin touring Japan starting in July and will host several live events. Due to the group’s upcoming Japan schedule, it will be most difficult for Minho to appear on “High Kick 3.”

Minho first made his drama debut last year in the KBS drama special “Pianist,” and played a genius pianist.


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Source :  Uni @koreaboo

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