[News] Did SHINee’s Taemin get a nose job?

30 May 2011 at 6:47 PM | Posted in News / Info, Rumours, SHINee | 2 Comments
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SHINee recently performed at Dream Concert 2011 and sharp-eyed netizens noticed something different with Taemin’s nose.

Baru-baru ini SHINee perform di Dream Concert 2011 dan netizen bermata tajam melihat sesuatu yang berbeda dengan hidung Taemin.

Fans compared pictures taken at the concert to his photos from the past and noted a difference in the shape and slope of his nose. Some netizens commented that the difference comes from Taemin’s makeup and camera angle, while others think that Taemin had gotten an injection.

Fans membandingkan gambar² yang diambil saat konser dengan foto² nya di masa lalu dan mencatat sebauh perbedaan dalam bentuk dan kemiringan hidungnya. Beberapa netizen berkomentar bahwa perbedaan itu berasal dari make-up Taemin dan sudut kamera, sementara yang lain berpikir bahwa Taemin telah mendapat suntikan.

Check out the comparison below – do you think anything was done to Taemin’s nose?

Perhatikan perbandingan di bawah ini – apakah Anda berpikir apapun/sesuatu telah dilakukan untuk hidungnya Taemin?

Source: taemaholic, morgenderper, and fuckyeahleetaemin | Koreaboo

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  1. It might be because he grew a lot this past year. Or it might be that he actually did do something to his nose. I hope he didn’t D:
    If he did I’d still love him, but only the 99% of him that’s real.

  2. It looks like he did, but who cares? There’s hardly any difference, and it’s not like it’s not common for Korean celebs to have plastic surgery… It doesn’t matter really if he has or hasn’t.

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