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Guests: Dalmatian (Jisu, Daniel), F.cuz (Jinon, Yejun) – Viewable

Opening: All Hail Hee Chul. Wah, it’s already May. In fact, today is already 2nd May. Today is Monday, is there any confusion, thinking that today is the 1st day of May? May is the Queen season, and there are many holidays going on in May. Su Jin is here too! 2nd May, Monday. Music Start!

Hee: Today’s weather is just like May but there will still be sand storm. Please be careful. I am the DJ who will be worrying about you. Today’s short message topic is Plans made in May. A hard to get guest came today. She is very busy. I hugged on to her thigh, pleading for her to come to the show and she agreed.

Su: Hello everyone, I am Park Su Jin.

Hee: You have been rather busy recently (started singing ni ni ni ni ni)

Su: Stop singing!

Hee: Read the messages then, you are literate right?

Su: of course!

Hee: But from what I know you cannot really read the script…

Listener: wah, Nan Jin Couple.

Hee: Ya, my ex wife.

Su: What a pity, we have separated.

Hee: Ya, the drama has ended. I haven’t been in contact with you, right!

YS Drama didn’t really hear it. It is about a listener saying that the lips were dry when spring comes. So before she turns in for the night, she applied a layer of honey on her lips. The next morning, a whole layer of ants were on her lips.

Hee: For the sake of moistening the lips, honey is good. Apply of other product is good too. But why not get a boyfriend or girlfriend and use their lips to moisturize it. It has been a long time I last bobo. I have forgotten how to bobo. I got to find a girlfriend in May. I have said the same thing last May, it has been a year. Been single for too long. Felt that being single can be good too, playing with Jungmo and some other people everyday.

Listener: Hurry gets a girlfriend before 30 and gets married.

Hee: I felt that I got to find someone, and get married within 3 months, otherwise if drag too long, it won’t get dealed. Who knows, I might bring girlfriend with me during the year end ceremony. And there might be people saying, “Oppa, don’t go” “Don’t get a girlfriend” I don’t care, don’t you all have another half? Why can’t I just get a boyfriend or girlfriend…? Ah, what boyfriend. It’s always like this I am being mistaken. I should hurry get a girlfriend. My dignity has been hurt recently. The relationship between me & PD has been strained. I will send him a message in the middle of the night and he doesn’t reply to me. Because he will be with his wife. I felt a sense of betrayal. Initially I thought of this, so I let him get married, and now, he doesn’t bother about me. Even after I got married, I will still let you all be happy. Anyway, PD & I will always be in contact and his wife is very jealous. PD kept saying that I cannot be like this and kept doing the “Bye” gesture. So I can only say “bye”.

Listener: I want to get married with my boyfriend who is 12 years older than me. This is something I want to show off.

Hee: Ah. I envy this man. Able to hearing your wife, calling you, “Oppa” everyday. I want to hear that too.

Hee: Let’s listen to today’s DJ’s recommended song. Yesterday I was watching singing contest program and saw a lot of contestants who like to sing Jay Park’s song. His singing is amazing. Teuk and I were watching and we felt so amazed (Self learnt, sounded like wolf howling) Jay Park Fighting! Let’s listen to Jay Park’s song…

Hee: Today is YS’s 400th day and I do not know about it. Kim Hee Chul managed to stay on.

Jinon: not easy.

Hee: And I have not been fired and a whole 400 days. Give me 400 bucks! My love relationship, never exceed 100 days.

Guest: With woman?

Hee: Of course, can’t possible with a man… My girlfriend and I never lasted for more than 100 days.

Guest: If your love relationship last for more than 100 days, I will give you 1 million.

Hee: No problem, whoever is interested in me can send in their messages and we will come to the conclusion that we last for 100 days and that’s it. Let his guest have some regrets…

Hee and guest played vowel game and Hee Chul got it wrong. Guests were laughing at him.

Hee: I did this for the sake of the listeners, just made myself like an idiot.

Hee: Game start. 5th May is Children’s Day and it is also the 4th day with my girlfriend.

Drama: Single kindergarten teacher being tortured by the children and the teacher is about to flare. What will say?

(Hee Chul acted as a mature kid, talking to the teacher in a cheeky tone, “Can I call you sister?”

Hee: Our acting just know is really all about kid’s feeling… Do you all like kids?

Y: I like.

Hee: Aren’t you just a kid…

J: I like children too. Whenever I see children I will go over and play with them.

Hee: What kind of reaction will they give, won’t they cry? I felt that when you touch their face, they will slap your hands away.

D: I don’t like children, because I have a younger sister and we are of 7 years difference. When we are young, I got her to pour me a cup of water but she talked back.

Hee: I don’t have any younger sister but when girls younger than me call me “Oppa”, the feeling is good. Do you have any younger sister?

Everyone does not have.

Listeners guess answer.

Listener: I will tell the principal!

Listener: You all are testing us.

Listener: You must be together for 100 days and I will buy you all a yacht! (This is about toddler couple)

Listener: Teacher loves you all, but do you have any handsome uncle?

Listener: You all won’t last long.

Listener: IF you don’t listen, I will let the boys & boys, girls & girls sit together!

Listener: Little butt, go home and look for your mum and drink milk!

Hee: This is tough, let’s act out!

Guests imitated as kid.

Hee: Ya are you looking for a fight!

Listener: What? Hubby? Where are you from?

Hee: This is suitable for Gag Concert used.

Hee Chul psyched the guests to imitate in the end, all the guests turned into comedians.

Listener said that if the children doesn’t listen, then don’t allow them to watch Pororo.

Hee: Seems like Pororo is very useful. Have you all watched Pororo?

Guest: My nephew watched.

Hee: What is the content?

Guests: Very amazing, there is a dragon inside.

Hee: In reality, the writers should know the content of Pororo. (The author is a mummy) right? Outside kept nodding their heads.

Hee: If in love, how much older can you all accept?

Guest: 7 years.

Hee: how old are you now?

Guest: I am 20.

Hee: So you can accept someone of 27 years. Simon D is 27. But he is a man. Later when the song is playing, we will talk about who are the 27 year old women.

Guest: Not to that extend. It is just a kind of liking for older sister.

Hee: Do you like those of older age or younger age recently?

Guest: Recently, younger.

Hee: Just now when the song is playing, we talking about a lot of interesting things. PD wanted to know too, so let’s hurry finish the song. We will be getting into the guessing game. Gaming style is using Korea Traditional song style.

English teaching time. Taught the word “Passion” & “Fashion”

Listener is a 20 year old girl; no money so cannot always buy clothes.

Hee: Then you can be in a relationship with me for 100 days, and then you can get 1 million and buy clothes. What kind of interest do you have in terms of fashion?

Listener: I like short skirt.

Hee: I like girls wearing short skirt!

The 2nd listener is a 19 year old boy, very confident, admitted that he is very handsome and popular. Even performed a small self talent.

Hee: Although our morale got lowered after the male listener’s call, but the male listener is interesting. Jisu, do you like the male listener or the female?
J: I prefer the female.

Hee: Then you can proceed on to the other program… How does everyone feel today?

Guest: Very happy and today is YS’s 400th day. It is our honor to be here. Hope YS can last till 4000 days or even 40, 000 days!

Hee: Oh no, I am very tired.

Hee: “Darling, have you eaten?” Just now is SJ Happy’s cooking. And that is Sunny saying, “Darling, have you eaten?”

Hee: Let’s listen to a song. Refreshing and cute group. My good brothers F(x)’s Pinocchio!

Hee: (sing) “How do I, how do I dare fall in love with YS” Went drinking with Jungmo, xx and sang crazily at the KTV. My throat hurts.

Listener: I will hum “Pretty and charming” In the end, the kids beside me will carry on singing, “Kim Hee, Kim Hee, Kim Hee, Kim Hee Chul.” Let’s all tune in to YS!

Hee: (Sang once the full version of the song) Sang correctly. We don’t need to change the song. We have so many female guests; let them sing the new introduction song, PD! Can you look at me when I am talking!!!

Listener: Hee DJ, hurry help me find a library where there are handsome boys and help me attract his attention.

Hee: Let me think of a way to get his contact number. Then you have to pretend carrying booking and walk to his side. Purposely, drop your books accidentally then he will pick up the book for you. Then you say, “You are my benefactor, let me buy you a cup of tea.” Then you all can start. Not sure if it works~

Listener: Today is the 1st day of work, colleagues doesn’t really bother about me.

Hee: This is too much. New staffs are like this. Adapt to it slowly. Fighting!

Hee: Just now I am talking about introduction song. Someone sent in a message. (Seems like a comedian) (Hee DJ edited the song slight and sang). Seems like I can do it too, give me the money.

The song he edited is 4 minutes’ Mirror Mirror.

Hee: That’s the end of today’s program. Tomorrow…. Is A Pink coming? I don’t know. Let’s listen to Because I Love You. All Hail YS, YS Daebak.

Translated from Korean to Chinese by 梦希,影素, 韧霜 from 金希澈80后花瓣部落

Translated from Chinese to English by @sillyjune of @heechulfacts

 Credit: 金希澈80后花瓣部落 @ 金希澈吧

Please do not attempt to change or take out without proper credits and make it seems like it is yours

Please give proper credit to the original translator and us.

Please note that there may be inaccuracy in this Trans as it is being translated from Chinese to English.

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