NEWS- Nama Fansclub Member SHINee di Korea…!!!

22 April 2011 at 6:30 PM | Posted in News / Info, Shawol, SHINee | 1 Comment
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SHAWOLsss….!!!! Ternyata eh Ternyata.. Nama Fansclub SHINee di Korea sono beda sama sebutan para SHAWOL di Indo loh.. ga percaya??

Check this,Guys..!! ^__^

MVP ( Onew), Blingers (Jonghyun), Lockets (Key), Flamer (Minho), & Taemint (Taemin) sering kita sebut sebagai nama fansclub member SHINee, tapi ternyata itu cuma sebutan dari Shawol Internasional aja lho. Shawol Korea punya sebutan sendiri buat fansclub para member SHINee, yaitu..

Onew : OnSooni
Jonghyun : Jongduck
Key : Key-ppa
Minho : MingFan
Taemin : Taemnyeo
Author : ” OMMO!! beda banget yakk?? Tapi gpp deh.. kan kita sama2 suka orangnya.. hee :)”

Credits : shawolindoclub admin [V]
Source : officialshineeworldindonesia
Posted : bibihgyu07 @SEI (

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  1. haha.. aq br tau ==’

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