[110417] Jonghyun’s UFO Replies – Part3 (with TRANSLATIONS)

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Fan: How many must I send!!! How many must I send to get a reply from you?!!!
JongHyun: Ke

Fan: Oppa
JongHyun: Nappa (It means bad. I think he typed it because it rhymes. ㅡㅡ;;)

Fan: Oppa! I’m at the dental clinic now! I’m so scared!
JongHyun: I just plucked out 2 wisdom tooth a few days ago.

[Indonesian Translation]

Fan: Berapa banyak yang harus aku kirim!!! Berapa banyak yang harus aku kirim untuk mendapatkan balasan darimu!?!
Jonghyun: Ke

Fan: Oppa
Jonghyun: Nappa (Ini artinya buruk. aku pikir dia mengetik karena itu sajak ㅡㅡ;;)

Fan: Oppa! Aku sedang di klinik gigi sekarang! Aku sangat takut!
Jonghyun: aku baru saja mencabut 2 gigi geraham beberapa hari yang lalu.

Translation Credit: SHINeeWorldSG
UFO Credit: DCinside
posted+indonesian translation by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)


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