[NEWS] – Jonghyun UFO Reply..!!!!

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Fan: Let’s meet now! immediately !
Jonghyun: It’s Late

Fan: can you teach me guitar *cough* I would like to learn too!
Jonghyun : *cough* what do you plan to give me?

Fan: Me.. Can’t watch music core , i need to go school and learn save me hehe~
Jonghyun : work hard.. there will be good result !

Fan : What are you doing ?
Jonghyun : Gyming

[indotrans ]

Fan : Ayo bertemu sekarang! Secepatnya!
Jonghyun : Itu terlambat

Fan : dapatkah kamu mengajariku gitar *batuk* aku ingin belajar juga
Jonghyun : *batuk* kamu berencana memberiku apa?

Fan : Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan?
Jonghyun : gyming

Credit / Source : Baidu

EngTrans : Forever_SHINee 5th admin

IndoTrans : bibihgyu07 @SEI

Posted by bibihgyu07 @SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)



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