[NEWS] Shindong confesses, “I still feel awkward around Donghae.”

16 April 2011 at 11:35 AM | Posted in News / Info, Super Junior | Leave a comment
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On a recent filming of MBC “Bouquet”, one of the questions asked was, “Is there something that you want to confess to someone here today?” At this question, Shindong said, “Super Junior member Donghae.”

Despite debuting together in Super Junior seven years ago, Shindong said, “We’re still awkward around each other when we’re alone.”

In addition, Moon Heejun stated that he will call all the members of H.O.T. and have a “H.O.T. reunion” at the show’s confession table. In response, Shindong said, “Then I’m bringing Lee Soo Man.” This statement received a humorous flustered reaction from Moon Heejun.

Moon Heejun was formerly from SM Entertainment during his H.O.T. days before he leaving to create his own agency, PS Entertainment. Moon Heejun is currently under SidusHQ.

Shindong’s blunt confession on “Bouquet” will be broadcasted at 9:25AM KST on April 17th.

source : Mydaily
cr : koreaboo.com
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