[NEWS] Hangeng at the 11th Mengniu Music Chart Awards!

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It’s been nearly 2 years since Hangeng has parted ways from Super Junior, and close to a year since he embarked on his solo career. In these last two years, Hangeng has managed to make quite a name for himself in the C-Pop music market. On April 11, Hangeng appeared at the 11th Mengniu Music Chart Awards where he was not only a performer, but a winner of the Most Popular Male Artist Award.


00:01 Da Zuo: Let’s go on presenting the awards.
00:05 Wen Bi Xia: Okay!
00:06 Wen Bi Xia: The next award we are going to present is the year’s most popular male artiste award.
00:15 Wen Bi Xia: Who do you all think it would go to?
00:17 Han Dian: Oh, who would it be?
00:21 Han Dian: WHO WOULD IT BE?
00:24 Han Dian: We would like to congratulate…
00:27 Han Dian: Han Geng!
00:29 Da Zuo: Han Geng, congratulation!
00:34 Da Zuo: In his last album, he worked with Yuan Wei Ren as well.
00:37 Da Zuo: Chairman Na Ying also gave him lots of encouragement.
00:44 Da Zuo: Han Geng!
00:51 Da Zuo: Next, would Han Geng please accept the honour that belongs to you?
00:55 Da Zuo: We would like to invite Wen Bi Xia to present him with the award.
00:58 Da Zuo: And also Han Dian.
01:03 Han Geng: Alright!
01:04 Han Geng: Please call me the young male youth who knows how to dance
01:09 Han Geng: I am really grateful for all the support I received
01:11 Han Geng: I want to thank Mengniu Yogurt
01:14 Han Geng: and, music billboard
01:15 Han Geng: And, I really want to thank the staffs who worked with me.
01:18 Han Geng: I want to thank Yue Hua Entertainment
01:19 Han Geng: Ah, there are so many people I want to thank.
01:21 Han Geng: And, the fans over here, I LOVE YOU ALL!
01:25 Hosts: Thank you, thank you!
01:26 Da Zuo: Congratulations, Han Geng.
01:28 Da Zuo: I would like to thank the two award presenters as well.
01:30 Female Host: Han Dian, you do not have any more to say, right?
01:32 Female Host: Bye bye! I will see you next year.
01:34 Da Zuo: See you next year!

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