[110402] SHINee Onew’s UFO Replies Update – TRANSLATIONS

3 April 2011 at 11:55 AM | Posted in Shawol, SHINee | 1 Comment
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2011.04.02 19:27
[FAN]: On April Fool’s Day, received a prank that oppa sent a message, sad… that’s why I will never send UFO’s again. Even the last message,I didn’t receive a reply. Goodbye
[ONEW]: Goodbye~

[FAN]: Saat April Mop, menerima sebuah lelucon tentang Oppa mengirimkan sebuah pesan, sedih … itu sebabnya aku tidak akan pernah mengirim UFO lagi. Bahkan pesan terakhir, aku tidak menerima balasannya. Selamat tinggal
[ONEW]: Selamat tinggal ~


2011.04.02 19:31
[FAN]: Strawberry flavoured candies still taste the best
[ONEW]: Candies

[FAN]: Permen rasa strawberry masih yang terbaik
[ONEW]: Permen


2011.04.02 19:56
[FAN]: (SHINee) Oppas. Have you ever experienced a pill sticking onto your teeth when you eat medicine? ^^ He…
[ONEW]: Oh.. how did you know..people who have not experienced this will not know..it feels bad…

[FAN]: (SHINee) Oppas. Apakah kalian pernah mengalami ketika sebuah pil menempel ke gigimu saat kalian minum obat? ^^ He…
[ONEW]: Oh .. bagaimana kau tahu .. orang-orang yang belum berpengalaman tentang ini tidak akan tahu .. itu rasanya buruk …


Source: DC SHINee Gallery, For_SHINee_World @ WB, SHINee/Onew’s UFO
Eng Translation: vivz @ soompi
posted+indonesian translation by: dhe @ SEI (shawolandelfindo.wordpress.com)


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  1. 8 April?!

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