[NEWS] SUPER JUNIOR-M experiences Taiwan’s night market delicacies, especially loves bubble tea

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SUPER JUNIOR-M experiences Taiwan’s night market delicacies, especially loves bubble tea

CHANNEL [V]’s “I Love JK” hosted by Ken Wu Jian Heng specially invited Super Junior-M to the recording location today (30/3). While testing the members’ Chinese levels, Super Junior-M’s Siwon strived hard to show his Chinese by reciting poetry, receiving favourable feedbacks from the audiences. When they were guessing famous local products, Siwon looked closely at the Chinese words written behind each individual item, comparing each and every word. He unexpectedly answered all the questions correctly and was happy like a child. When they spoke about the games at the night market, all the members began to demonstrate various weird tricks. Sungmin did a split, Ryeowook relied on the members’ strengths while Siwon used his own skill to successfully toss two hoops around the bottles causing Ken Wu to shout: “I should take you to the night market to play games.”

Super Junior’s presence at “I Love JK”’s recording location raised a lot of attention, their unwavering charm causing the fans to wait outside the recording venue. After watching Super Junior-M performing their dance on-site, Ken Wu expressed that he too would like to learn. Eunhyuk took up the role as the little teacher to teach Ken Wu the choreography, and unexpectedly, Ken managed to learn up the dance steps. When Ken was asked to show the dance, Siwon said: “It’s like he is performing martial arts!” Super Junior-M expressed that before being part of the showbiz industry, they were slower than Ken when it came to learning dance.

During the Chinese test segment, Eunhyuk held the board with Siwon’s name written upside down. In the end they had to depend on eye contact to decide whose name was written on the board. Siwon, who was rather serious when it comes to learning Chinese, kept asking Kyuhyun how to recite his famous poem. This demonstrated his great effort in learning Chinese, allowing the audience to feel his seriousness. Even when they were asked to guess the origins of the famous local products, he was closely reading the product descriptions, comparing the manufacturing place of each product. In the end, Siwon answered all 5 questions correctly causing him to dance and gesticulate with joy, making him look like a child.

Super Junior-M, who has been very busy since arriving in Taiwan said that they have yet to have the chance to go around the night market in Taiwan. Therefore “I Love JK” had instead brought the night market delicacies to the recording location. There was the salted chicken, marinades, fine noodles, deep fried scallion dough cake, bubble tea, beancurd dessert and rice cake. The Super Junior-M members started hugging each other in joy upon hearing the phrase ‘bubble tea’, and they were exceptionally excited. The recording venue was filled with delicious aroma, but it’s not that simple to have a taste of the delicacies. Super Junior-M had to pass the night market’s little game. They have to successfully toss the hoops around the bottle in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies. The members continuously used various methods. Sungmin did a split and hence managed to taste the delicacies. Ryeowook did a bridge with the support of members and managed to place the hoop around the bottle. Siwon, on the other hand, used his own skill and with astonishing accuracy, he successfully tossed the hoops around two bottles. He happily enjoyed the marinade dishes.

Due to the fact that Aries was the most common horoscrope amongst the Super Junior-M member, “I Love JK” held birthday celebrations for the April babies on-site. The atmosphere was extraordinarily lively. Super Junior-M also secretly prepared a cake to celebrate Ken Wu’s birthday causing him to be so surprised, and there were unceasing joy and happiness at the recording location.

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